staging before and after
redesign + staging

A.H.HOME is a redesign + staging firm proudly servicing Chicago and surrounding areas. We work closely with homeowners, real estate professionals and investors to create designs and solutions that are proven to get the best results, be it selling the property faster or falling in love with it all over again. Our goal is to transform your property into a beautiful living space that potential buyers want to live in or that you are excited to call home!


4 benefits to

re design + staging:

1. sell your house faster

2. make more money     


 3. photos look better        


  4. make your money back

un-staged homes spend an average of 184 days on the market
after staging, those same homes sold on average

within 41 days
homes that were staged prior to going on the market sold an average of

21 days
staged homes sell

90% faster

than un-staged homes!

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